Schloss Wachenheim AG - Konzern


Who We Are

For generations "Schloss Wachenheim" (Wachenheim Castle) has stood for outstanding quality in the production of sparkling wine. Founded in 1888 as the "Deutsche Schaumweinfabrik in Wachenheim" (the German sparkling wine factory in Wachenheim) before merging with "Sektkellerei Faber" (Faber Sparkling Wine Cellar), Trier, in 1996, Schloss Wachenheim AG has become one of the most significant sparkling wine and semi-sparkling wine producers in Europe and the world in barely 25 years with operational sub-groups in Germany, France and central and eastern Europe.

In addition to sparkling and semi-sparkling wine, our key product ranges group-wide now include dealcoholised sparkling wines and wines, vermouth, cider, spirits, other wine-based drinks, alcohol-free children's drinks and, not least, top of the range quality German wine.
This is how tradition and the latest trends are combined to form the basis for company success.

With production sites in Germany, France, Poland and Romania as well as brands in Germany such as Faber, Feist, Light Live, Schloss Wachenheim, Nymphenburg Sekt and Schweriner Burggarten, the brands Charles Volner, Muscador and Opéra in France and Cin&Cin and Dorato in central and eastern Europe, today the Schloss Wachenheim Group is one of the leading global producers of sparkling and semi-sparkling wines. The products are distributed in more than 80 countries across all continents.

Group sales of approximately 234 million bottles were achieved in the 2022/23 financial year (converted to 1-1 bottles).