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  • Glass – the matter bottles are made from

  • Kork & Co. – more than just a stopper

Experience and inspiration

Many of our products are manufactured on the basis of wine. For that reason great significance is placed on wine procurement. Therefore we only use wines from EU countries for our sparkling wine and semi-sparkling wine, principally Italy, Spain, France and Germany. We also source wine from South Africa for wine-based drinks, as well as for the production of dealcoholised products. As for our top of the range sparkling wine products produced using the traditional bottle fermentation method, we use wines the majority of which originate from the respective wine regions, e.g. from the Palatinate for Germany or from the Loire Valley for France.

Of which our winemakers in Germany, France, Poland and Romania create products of the finest quality.

And furthermore, in this they share a great passion for wine and everything you can make from it with our buyers in all group companies!