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Schloss Wachenheim AG returns to ProWein for 2023!

Wednesday, 1. March 2023

Schloss Wachenheim will be sharing their fantastic range and exciting new products in Hall 4 with other German giants and also in the new "World of Zero" (Hall 1) which showcases their expertise in alcohol free and de-alcoholised wines.

Product Highlights on Show

  • LIGHT live Fruits: We l0,0ve! the Sparklings in a brand new look, now with 0.0% volume for sophisticated non-alcoholic enjoyment. Also featuring mulled red and white for the cold winter days.
  • AZZURRO Secco: refreshed and invigorated with a new look and organic status.
  • FÜNF FÜNF: Only 5.5 % alcohol but 100 % flavour.
  • Feist Extra Dry: A new crystal bottle raises the bar of elegance.
  • Blû Prosecco Spumante: The summer becomes Blû!
  • Bar Royal: A fresh look for the whole product family and now available in a 330ml longneck bottle.
  • Eisberg Selection: 0,0% Wines and Sparklings with premium quality and sophisticated design.
  • Mucha sparkling wine: Be transported back to the Belle Époque with these iconic designs.

Trier, February 2023: Schloss Wachenheim AG will be represented again this year at ProWein in Düsseldorf, this time with two stands: in the "Germany Hall" (Hall 4) and in the "World of Zero" (Hall 1). The trade can look forward to some exciting new products:

The LIGHT live family arrives with a soft relaunch of the Fruits range in a new design as well as a switch to 0.0% The seven sparkling fruit varieties include:

  • LIGHT live Hûgo: The refreshing and tangy trendy drink with the typical fine flavour of elderberry and mint - an irresistible pleasure experience!
  • LIGHT live Wild Berry: Seductively good with the fruity taste of wild berries combined with a refreshing citrus note. Wild & free!
  • LIGHT live Mango: A sparkling pleasure with the taste of the aromatic-exotic sweetness of mango. Fresh, fruity, mango!
  • LIGHT live Cassis: The fruity, tart taste of the popular summer berry with an attractive deep red colour becomes a tingling cocktail delight.
  • LIGHT live Spritz: with the fruity, tart aroma of bitter orange - brings tingling summer feelings into the glass. The non-alcoholic answer to "La Dolce Vita!
  • LIGHT live Pomegranate: The perfect, fruity-tart taste of the power fruit: naturally alcohol-free, naturally delicious. A fine fruit seducer with a sensual taste.
  • LIGHT live Raspberry: enchants with its fruity-fine aroma and attractive pink-red colour. A pleasure experience with the familiar yet surprising taste of raspberry.

All varieties have a de-alcoholised wine base, with 0.0 % vol. Particularly enjoyable over ice!

Oliver Gloden, Spokesman of the Board of Schloss Wachenheim AG: "As market leader¹, we are always improving the popular and long-established LIGHT live category of non-alcoholic cocktails."
The high quality of the contents is also reflected in the new look: satin white glass bottle and high-quality, playful labels with sophisticated gloss highlights. The satin finish in particular has now established itself in the market as a distinctive feature for non-alcoholic Sparklings. In the product design, great care was taken to give a uniform brand look in order to enable consumers to recognise the extensive LIGHT live range on the shelf. Pleasure without guilt!

In addition, the range of non-alcoholic wine alternatives for cold days is being expanded to include two wintery varieties - Glühpunsch RED and WHITE.

Best served hot - but also a pleasure when cold - the new products are made from alcohol-free wine, also with 0.0% vol. LIGHT live mulled punch is THE perfect alternative to mulled wine. Wintry enjoyment with the classic flavours of cinnamon, clove and orange.

Also a top topic for conscious consumers: AZZURRO Secco is presented in a new design and as organic! There are many reasons for choosing AZZURRO BIO: the content of organic, vegan base wines produced in harmony with nature, the organic certification² as well as the taste of the sun-drenched base wines from the south of Europe with pronounced fruit aromas and a tangy-fresh appearance. The quality is complemented by a modern, high-quality look made of sustainable FCS-certified materials, for organic lovers as well as other curious wine and sparkling wine customers.

In the trending category "Low Alcohol", Schloss Wachenheim AG presents a wine-based drink with only 5.5% alcohol by volume but 100% taste under the brand name FÜNFFÜNF. The product is available in the two TOP grape varieties Chardonnay and Merlot Rosé, both of which are semi-dry. "The aim is to offer wine drinkers who want to moderate their alcohol consumption and take care of their health a convincing alternative in terms of taste and to make a contribution to conscious nutrition and moderate consumption," says Oliver Gloden, spokesman for the board of Schloss Wachenheim AG. FÜNFFÜNF is vegan and has 30% fewer calories than classic wines. With the alcohol reduced by vacuum distillation at only 32° Celsius, the full flavour of the base wines can be preserved.

The classic FEIST is repositioned in a noble bottle with a crystal look, natural cork and high-quality label design. Two white grape varieties set the benchmark, with lively, fresh Riesling and full-bodied, fruity Pinot Gris. The range is complemented by a harmonious rosé. All varieties come in the brand-typical "extra dry" dosage. Elegant in design, exceptional in taste!

Oliver Gloden, Spokesman of the Board of Schloss Wachenheim AG: "Premium products with premium look and content are a top topic for conscious consumers who value an optimal price-pleasure ratio."

Blû Prosecco Spumante - genuine and original, now in even better quality. The growing area of this D.O.C. Prosecco is in the province of Treviso in Veneto. Blû Prosecco Spumante, which meets high quality standards, is also recognisable by its simplified elegant design in an appealing antique green Collio bottle. Oliver Gloden, Spokesman of the Board of Schloss Wachenheim AG: "With the repositioning of our Blû Prosecco in the Spumante segment, we are following the Prosecco trend of recent years and offering the international market a product concept that is ideally suited to the continuing great enthusiasm for Italian sparkling wines: Look forward to sparkling moments and make the summer with us Blû!"

The trendy Bar Royal cocktail with 3.9% vol. is now available in a fresh look with an eye-catching sleeve and, for the first time in a 330ml longneck bottle. Sparkling enjoyment on its own, for two or at parties as a mix of sparkling wine and fruity taste sensations. An extra-cool, versatile cocktail ready-to-drink in a modern design - without a bartender! Variety that seduces - the fine taste of Bar Royal.

At EISBERG, consumer choice comes first: Wine and sparkling wine, without alcohol - now also in premium look with EISBERG Selection. As wine in the popular grape varieties Pinot Grigio and Pinot Noir as well as sparkling in white (Chardonnay Blanc de Blancs) and rosé (Merlot Rosé), EISBERG Selection is the perfect choice for every occasion.

The Eisberg brand has held a leading position in the market for over 20 years and enjoys a high level of trust among consumers. Eisberg is constantly developing and is at the forefront of perfecting de-alcoholised wine and sparkling wine through new varieties, flavour profiles and high-quality design.

Mucha Sekt, A product range inspired by the Belle Époque era. Indulgence and "joie-de-vivre" defined the attitude to life at that time and the famous painter Alfons Mucha succeeded again and again in capturing the flair and enthusiasm of this era in his works.

Even then, Mucha designed labels for the great champagne houses as he saw himself not only as a painter and artist but also as a designer. Today, Mucha sparkling wines are branded with works by the artist, whose look reflects the unique energy and spirit of optimism of the Belle Époque. So that people can enjoy his works with all their senses, our sparkling range is unique and unmissable.

The name Mucha is associated with the endless desire to create, dream and live. It is meant to inspire to turn ordinary everyday life into an extraordinary, special experience.
Available in eight varieties: Brut, Demi, Rosé, Deluxe, ICE White, ICE Rosé, Sparkling white non-alcoholic and Sparkling rosé non-alcoholic, Mucha Sekt is a sparkling companion for special moments. The art of treating yourself to something unique!

At ProWein 2023 you will find Schloss Wachenheim AG as usual in Hall 4 / Stand 4B02 and new in Hall 1 / Stand 1A17, in the WORLD OF ZERO.

¹ In the segment 'Other sparkling wines non-alcoholic' (source: IRI, sales CY 2022)
² Certification according to DE Öko 007 / EU Agriculture

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