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Schloss Wachenheim Group: Successful start to the 2021/22 business year

Tuesday, 9. November 2021

Trier, 9 November 2021. Schloss Wachenheim AG has got the 2021/22 (30.06.) business year off to a successful start. In the first quarter, sales revenues increased by EUR 4.6 million, or 5.6 % to EUR 86.7 million. This was driven by significant business development in France and Eastern Central Europe, while sales revenues in Germany did not quite reach last year's level. The quantity of bottles sold - converted into an average of 1/1 bottles - is also slightly above the level of the previous year’s first quarter (51.0 million bottles), at 53.3 million.

The operating result (EBIT) for the first three months of 2021/22 was EUR 6.8 million (previous year EUR 4.5 million). Here, too, the upward trends in France and Eastern Central Europe have had the greatest impact. But in Germany as well, the operating result is slightly above the level of the first quarter of 2020/21, mainly as a result of lower advertising expenses. The consolidated net income after taxes increased accordingly from EUR 3.0 million to EUR 4.7 million.

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