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EMPIRE Gin & Tonic ready-to-drink

Friday, 15. March 2019

The new Gin & Tonic from Schloss Wachenheim - trendy low-fuss enjoyment for any occasion


Düsseldorf / Trier in March 2019. Schloss Wachenheim is bringing the popular trend drink Gin & Tonic to the shelves of the food retail industry in a ready-to-drink format. For low-fuss enjoyment whenever you want your favourite bar drink in ready-mixed form, at a barbecue or at home with friends for example. The cult drink, rumoured to be the favourite drink of the Queen Mother, is available in two different flavours: the classic EMPIRE Blue Gin & Tonic or fresh hibiscus blossom flavoured EMPIRE Pink.

“We created EMPIRE in response to both the current gin trend as well as the convenience trend, establishing a new in-product with gin as a ready-mixed ingredient. EMPIRE is the first ready-to-drink Gin & Tonic to be sold in 0.75 l bottles in the food retail industry”, explains head of marketing Ulrike Schulz-Gerhardt. 


Gin from our own production

When it comes to production, EMPIRE ties in seamlessly with the LIGHT live success story. This gin is based on high-quality wine distillate produced by Schloss Wachenheim as part of the base wines dealcoholisation process for alcohol-free products like LIGHT live. The wine distillate is refined into gin with its typical juniper taste and the addition of fine coriander notes. EMPIRE Blue makes for the perfect ready-to-drink alternative in harmonious composition with the slight hint of cucumber in the tonic. EMPIRE Pink wows with its hibiscus blossom flavour and trendy pink hue. Both varieties achieve the perfect mixing ratio with an alcoholic content of 10.5 % - available in a 0.75 l bottle for the first time.


Sales-boosting trend product for retail

The high-end design picks up on the premium design trends of well-known gin brands, ensuring EMPIRE leaps out at customers from the shelf. But the biggest advantages of the ready-to-drink Gin & Tonic are its taste and reasonable price: 4.99 EUR (RRP) for the 0.75 l glass bottle in classic blue or modern pink.



Product data – EMPIRE Blue


0.75 litre glass bottle


  • EUR 4.99



Product data – EMPIRE Pink


0.75 litre glass bottle


  • EUR 4.99









About Schloss Wachenheim AG:

Schloss Wachenheim AG is one of Europe's leading manufacturers and distributors of sparkling wine and semi-sparkling wine and is active in several European countries with its own companies.


Its product portfolio covers a wide range of traditional and innovative products. In addition to sparkling wine and semi-sparkling wine, key products include dealcoholised sparkling wines and wines, but also vermouth, cider, spirits, wine-based drinks, children's party drinks and, of course, high-quality sparkling wines and quality wines. The group’s products are distributed to approximately 80 countries.


Major brands sold include Charles Volner and Muscador in France, Faber, LIGHT live and Robby Bubble in Germany, Cin&Cin, Fresco and Cydr Lubelski in Poland and Zarea Milcov in Romania.


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