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Schloss Wachenheim AG at ProWein 2018

Friday, 16. March 2018

ESPRIT: the innovation for the sparkling wine shelf


  • ESPRIT: fizzy and fruity apple sparkling wine made of 100% apple
  • LIGHT live: limited edition with trendy motifs
  • AZZURRO Vino Spumante: Italian flair for the export market
  • Blû Vino Spumante: further development of a strong brand


Düsseldorf / Trier, 16 March 2018. From 18 to 20 March, Schloss Wachenheim AG will be presenting exciting, innovative concepts for the national and international market at the ProWein fair. The focus of stand D32 in hall 13 will be the presentation of ESPRIT, a premium apple sparkling wine made of 100% apple – an innovation that is truly unique in the German food retail market. With its fruity lightness, it is primarily intended to appeal to sophisticated sparkling wine drinkers and to tap into new target groups. ‘With ESPRIT, we are putting our trust in the combination of three factors for success,’ explains Oliver Gloden, Chairman of the Management Board. ‘Firstly, the apple is the most popular fruit in Germany. The Germans are also the “World Champions of sparkling wine” when it comes to per capita consumption. Added to that are the expertise and passion of Schloss Wachenheim for making sparkling wines. It’s the perfect combination to ensure that ESPRIT will drive sales potential in the sparkling wine shelf.’


As is standard when making sparkling wines, a second fermentation is necessary when producing ESPRIT sparkling wine, which is based on carefully selected apple wines. The artistry is in the refinement in order to acquire the perfect balance between sweetness and acidity, tartness and mildness. ESPRIT impresses with its exceptional flavour profile with an elegant apple bouquet. Thanks to the careful second fermentation, the wine has a fine perlage – a low alcohol content of 9% rounds off this sparkling speciality. The look also underlines its premium quality: the first apple sparkling wine from Schloss Wachenheim features a beautiful, golden colour. The packaging will be sure to draw all eyes to the sparkling wine shelf with its shimmering sleeve in the same shade.


Eye-catching splash of colour for the shelf: LIGHT live limited edition

As the market leader in the alcohol-free sparklings and cocktails segment (source: IRI), Schloss Wachenheim is setting a fresh new trend with its LIGHT live brand: an attractive limited edition of LIGHT live Sparkling WHITE and LIGHT live SparklingROSÉ will bring an eye-catching splash of colour to the world of food retail. The products are presented in the appealing sleeve look with a variety of feel-good motifs in German, including ‘Glücklich steht dir gut’ (Happiness suits you) and ‘Ein Lächeln gibt’s umsonst’ (Smiles are free). They aim to motivate the primarily female target group to make a purchase. ‘We want to offer our customers a high-quality product, a wide range and also on-trend variety,’ Head of Marketing Ulrike Schulz-Gerhardt says of the company’s mission. The limited edition will be supplied to retailers after the ProWein fair.


Italian flair with AZZURRO Vino Spumante

The German sub-group of Schloss Wachenheim AG exports its products to around 40 countries – and it will once again have a product concept ready for the international market at this year’s ProWein fair. With AZZURRO Vino Spumante, the company wants to tap into the continued enthusiasm for Italian sparkling wines: a bubbly vino spumante (white and rosé) based on a selection of Italian 100% cold-fermented wines, which embodies the authentic Mediterranean lifestyle the moment you lay eyes on it.


Further development of the Blû brand

Drawing on the international trend for vino spumante, Schloss Wachenheim is bringing the Italian lifestyle to the German sparkling wine shelf as well – with Blû Spumante. ‘With Blû Spumante, we are offering retailers a product that is triply impressive – with its striking, stylish design, its balanced, authentic taste and the attractive sales and growth potential it offers,’ explains Oliver Gloden, Chairman of the Management Board of Schloss Wachenheim AG. Blû Spumante is a continuation of the successful Blû Prosecco Frizzante, which, in its blue bottle, represents la dolce vita like no other. With its blue capsule, striking lettering and silver sleeve, Blû Spumante is sure to draw all eyes to the sparkling wine shelf with its bold, modern and stylish look.

Find Schloss Wachenheim AG at ProWein 2018 in hall 13 / stand D32.


About Schloss Wachenheim AG:

Schloss Wachenheim AG is a company that unites both tradition and modernity. As one of the most important producers of sparkling and semi-sparkling wines and other alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic drinks in Europe, Schloss Wachenheim AG has a wide product range of national and international brands. The Group has its own operations in Germany, France and Eastern Europe.

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